For your canoe-kayak bivouac stay, there is no need to take on more weight than necessary ! On our routes, you will find stopover villages with all the facilities such as markets, supermarkets or even pharmacies at the end of each day.

Although you don't need to load up on food, it is still necessary to bring your camping essentials as well as something to eat and drink for the day.

To help you prepare for your stay, we have prepared our top 5 things to plan for your bivouac adventure.

No. 1: Light tent, hammock or tarp

For your little evening cocoon, several options are available to you:

  • The tent: easy and essential, it is the go-to for canoe-kayak bivouacs. Preferably, plan a rectangular tent once folded so you can put it dry in your container.
  • The hammock: a lighter and more practical option, the hammock only requires a few trees to be installed! Be careful, however, if rain comes during your stay.
  • The tarp: it is halfway between the two options, because it allows you to stay dry in the event of rain while being easy to install and light to transport!

No. 2: Sleeping bag and groundsheet

To sleep warm, because yes the nights are still cool at times, bring a light sleeping bag per person, as well as ground mats to protect your back!

There are different types of sleeping bags depending on the minimum temperatures. In summer, there is no need to buy the best ones if you don't have any. The same goes for mattresses and floor mats! If you are not a great adventurer, a classic sleeping mat or a small self-inflating mattress may be sufficient. If you want more comfort, it will be necessary to bring mattresses and an inflator.

No. 3: Stove with adapted gas bottle

As fires are prohibited on the banks of the Dordogne, we advise you to bring a small stove that is easy to transport! This will allow you to cook delicious meals for your bivouac. You can also bring a small portable barbecue that will be above ground.

Please note : bring a gas bottle compatible with your stove. There are many different models.

No. 4: Ecological sunscreen and first aid kit

To protect yourself from the sun's rays while preserving biodiversity, bring an anti-UV t-shirt or a respectful mineral sunscreen like that of Laboratoires de Biarritz . They are available for sale on our bases. A good mosquito repellent is also essential for quiet evenings.

In the event of a minor accident, take a small first aid kit with the essentials in your luggage (paracetamol, sunburn cream, bandages, disinfectant, etc.).

No. 5: Essential accessories

For your bivouac evenings at the end of your canoe-kayak days, it seems important to us that you plan:

  • A lamp or headlamps
  • Bivouac kitchen essentials (pans, cutlery, etc.)
  • A Swiss knife


Finally, here is a small checklist of things to plan:

  • Sportswear adapted to the activity
  • A change of clothes for the evening
  • A raincoat
  • Closed shoes for walks
  • Spare shoes
  • A toiletry bag and a first aid kit
  • Your camping equipment
  • Water and your picnic for Day 1

We hope that with all these tips it will be easier for you to prepare your things to go on a canoe-kayak bivouac! If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .