Go canoeing with your dog

In partnership with Emmène ton chien , we are keen to help you discover the Dordogne Valley with the whole family, including your animals. Between Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne, sail along the calm waters of the river.

Concerned about a quality welcome for our animal friends and their well-being, we have been Qualidog certified since 2024. This label guarantees a quality welcome, taking into account the well-being of your animal, in particular by adapting the canoe-kayak model, but also by committing to the drafting of a charter which makes owners responsible when 'activity.

Our itinerant walks and hikes to do with your dog

At Safaraid we offer trips from 1h30 to 5h of paddling time for the day. We also offer stays ranging from 2 to 7 days . During your stay, it is possible to sleep in a campsite ( dogfriendly of course!) or in a bivouac. We also offer you options with booking your nights in our partner campsites and transporting luggage from campsite to campsite according to your stages.

To go with your dog we recommend a rather short walk (1h30 to 2h) especially if he has never done one before. For fans of canoeing accompanied by their dog, no worries for a longer trip. The same goes for stays! If your dog has never been in a canoe, it's not a good idea to book for a week. A test over the weekend will be sufficient 😉

Our advice for canoeing with your dog

  • Your dog must be comfortable with the activity : Before booking the activity, make sure that your dog is comfortable canoeing and will enjoy it
  • Choose a suitable route : Choose a departure from Vayrac or St-Sozy in order to stay on the portion of the river in class 1 (minimum level). For stays, you can also start from Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne
  • Leave early : In periods of high heat, prefer our route from Vayrac to Gluges of 1h30/2h with a return shuttle at 2 p.m. Departure is free between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  • Bring a life jacket : Most dogs are very good swimmers, however, if it reassures you, do not hesitate to bring a life jacket adapted to their size (no life jackets for dogs on site)
  • Follow the instructions given to you : It is necessary to keep your dog on a leash whether on our bases or in our shuttles. However, it is essential to leave your dog free (without leash or harness) once on the boat. This freedom of movement guarantees its safety in the event of a fall.