The Canoë France app

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Building on its leading position,
“Canoë France®” now offers:
the first canoe app in France
(and probably in the world…!)

This new App allows:

  • to know the nearest canoe river thanks to geolocation
  • to discover the specificities of the river , as well as the proposed routes
  • to know the nearest canoe base and to access it easily

then during the activity:

  • to locate on the river
  • to discover accessible services (restaurants, campsites, shops, etc.)
  • to learn more about the river through remarkable points (monuments, natural curiosities, etc.)
  • to locate oneself precisely, in the event of difficulty so that assistance or rescue can intervene as efficiently as possible
  • to know the nearest disembarkation in the event of an early interruption (weather development, etc.)

Given the specificity of the activity (gorges etc.) the App does not require permanent coverage of telephone networks (preloading of information)

This App is available for free download from the Apple and Android “Stores”

Dedicated to a tourist audience, this App is bilingual (French, English)

Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple Store