Canoeing, a family activity

When the sun's rays slip through the foliage of the trees, illuminating the tranquil waters of the river, adventure comes to life. There is a sense of vacation in the Dordogne Valley . Canoeing, much more than a simple activity, becomes the common thread of a shared experience, uniting young and old. Whether you prefer a sporty or relaxing , canoeing adapts to all types of vacation! However, to enjoy this activity, it is necessary to respect certain safety rules and in particular the minimum age of children. But then, from what age can you practice canoeing on the Dordogne?

From what age can you go canoeing?

On the Dordogne, the legal age for canoeing is 6 years old . The minimum age to be respected may vary depending on the rivers and prefectural decrees, check with each rental company depending on the river where you wish to sail.

However, one rule is common to all rivers. It is imperative for ALL participants to know how to swim 25 meters without assistance . It is also mandatory to have immersed yourself and have a physical condition allowing practice and safety in the event of a fall.

Safety first

Canoeing requires compliance with a certain number of safety rules, whether for children or adults:

  • Wearing a life jacket is mandatory throughout the trip
  • Wearing closed shoes is imperative in order not to injure your feet and to have better support.

Our advice for a successful walk

Once you have made sure that the whole family can go on a canoeing adventure, it is important to prepare well for this getaway .

Here, we've rounded up all our best tips for a successful family day:

  • If your children have never been canoeing, are young or you are alone with them in the boat, do not choose a route that is too long . We recommend our 9km routes, they will be perfectly suitable!
  • Prepare snacks and bring enough water for the entire canoe trip
  • Whatever the weather, remember to take sunscreen ( natural) or anti-UV t-shirts, a cap , sneakers and a change of clothes .