This is obligatory: You must be able to swim 25 metres and immerse yourself under water. You must wear the life jacket provided by us. We advise you to wear closed shoes and keep your lifejacket on during your time on the river.

Do not forget: Suitable clothing (swimwear, T-shirts, closed shoes), food and drink for the day. Depending on the weather, do not forget sunscreen (creams, sunglasses with cord, hat etc) as well as sweatshirts and windproof clothing.

For your informaiton: We provide 1 free container per boat to keep your belongings dry during your activities.

Except July-August and for your safety, the canoe tour over several days is available from 2 people only.

Respect the environment:

  • Respect the fauna and flora.
  • Collect all your rubbish and place in the bins provided at the Base.
  • Respect other users and stay away from the fishermen.

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