Cloudy or rainy days are not a reason to cancel. There is not a cancellation clause for this and therefore no refund will be given.

If you want to discontinue your trip during your stay, we will do our upmost to get you back to the Base on the same day, but no refund will be given for that day or the remaining days.

Safaraid Dordogne reserves the right to cancel any departure for security reasons (river level too high, weather alert, possible thunderstorms…)
This cancellation will result in an immediate refund of your deposit, or a change in the dates of your stay.


The barrels provided with your canoe cannot be guaranteed to be waterproof.
Therefore, we strongly advise you, before setting off, not to place any articles susceptible to water damage into the barrels. For example, Camcorders, photographic equipment, phones, etc.

Safaraid Dordogne cannot be held liable for any such damage to your equipment.

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